Exclusive Facebook Group Invitation

Hi dear! Are you looking for ways to improve your life, change something that you’ve been struggling with for a long time or just trying to become better than you were yesterday? Then this tribe is for you!

I created this group so that people who are tired of living the life they hate could work on improving it together because, well, everything is easier together!

We will chat about mental health, self improvement, self care, self love, confidence issues, ways to improve your life, get organized, boost your motivation, work on your goals, get rid of anxiety, improve your relationships and become happier, healthier & prettier (yes, beauty is also a part of improvement!).

If you’re a www.shinesheets.com reader, you already know what this is all about… We’re talking GROWTH & IMPROVEMENT & WELLNESS in your life that’s about to come – and you know it will, because it’s TIME for it to happen!

So let’s make it happen – let’s become better together, let’s hold each other in our journey and create the life you always wanted. No matter what it is you want to change, there’s a place for you in this group.

On this group, feel free to:

– Introduce yourself when you join – share a little about your goals and what you want to change in your life;
– Ask questions other group members, start discussions and share ideas;
– Share your small wins, ideas, doubts and struggles that come along the way.

P. S. We have a strict NO SELF PROMOTION policy which means that, in order to preserve the authenticity of the group, you can’t post links to your blog posts, books, e-mail lists, products etc.

Welcome aboard!!

Creator of shinesheets.com