Coolest Spring/Summer 2022 Accessories We’ve Seen Thus Far

Updated on June 7, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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In-person fashion shows are starting to come back, and thank goodness! We’ve seen some amazing bits of creativity come out of brands that have been forced to be as one can call “dormant” for the past year and a half or so. Now with the world coming out of the pandemic, it’s getting back to normal and spring/summer 2022 is looking to be a season we’ll never forget with some amazing accessories!

Here are some of the coolest spring/summer accessories we’ve seen thus far:


1. Goggles


…and no they are not for swimming. Goggles are an unexpected item we saw as a spring/summer accessory and we are loving it. The Sunnei goggles, for example, have different colored lenses and are similar to a statement pair of sunglasses for sun protection and to add an extra bit of style to any outfit.


2. Bags in new dimensions


While we have seen the woven leather detail in recent years, now we are seeing this detail in new dimensions and really just take off. Smaller woven bags are becoming a thing, and it makes for something stylish but also easy to take with use from the markets, clubs, etc. You have a wide selection online via e-shops like Mirta, where you can find a high-quality woven leather bag shipped to you directly from the motherland of leather goods, Italy!


3. Extra sparkly, high platform heels 


While classic heels will also have their place, extra sparkly, high platform heels are having their moment! You can pair them with classic outfits for a fun pop or add them with a look that is already showing your personality for a fun night out. These were found all over at Milan Fashion week and especially after the last bit wearing house clothes constantly, having a fun pair of shoes is certainly something to look forward to.


4. Jewelled chokers


Chokers are back, and this time, they’re jewelled. Jewelled chokers are unexpected and add a fun pop of detail and extravagance. Whether it is a thin choker with subtle detail or a thicker one that makes even more of a statement, this accessory is one that you probably don’t already have in your collection and is a way that you can instantly elevate your looks for the spring and summer seasons.

woman with a jeweled chocker


5. Massive, thick chains


We have seen chain details for a bit now, and the new trend is massive, thick chains that make a statement. On the runway, you can see a lot of chain jewelry in black and we saw this style all across fashion shows and attendees.

woman with chains necklace

These trends are actually quite fun to experiment and have fun with. Maybe they all aren’t for you, but that does not mean you won’t find one that suits you! They are worth trying out even just to mix up your current favorite accessories and try something new, not to mention have a way to add a bit of trendy personality into your favorite looks. If you are really on the fence about a trendy accessory, you can pick them up in a more conservative price range so you can try it out and see how much you really love the style and how much you wear it before investing further.

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