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    Building a long-lasting, healthy, and love-filled marriage usually requires effort. Here we share marriage advice, marriage research, marriage product reviews, marriage studies, or marriage reports.

    a couple in a complicated relationship

    3 Common Signs Of Complicated Relationship & 6 Ways To Fix It

    It's possible to fix a complicated relationship with an honest effort from both sides.
    woman caring for her sick spouse

    Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes When Caring For Your Sick Spouse

    When a spouse needs the grit to help a partner in new ways, their needs are often not addressed to the fullest.
    man showing his partner how to be less predictable

    How To Be Less Predictable In Relationships

    Let us all be less predictable and more fun in love life!
    woman sad over the fact of being fooled by someone she loves

    What To Do If You’re Being Fooled By Someone You Love

    First of all - it's not your fault. No one expects their loved ones to trick them.
    woman sad and tired of a toxic marriage

    5 Signs You’re In a Toxic Marriage And What To Try Before Leaving

    Being in a toxic marriage is not an easy thing to deal with...
    couple walking down the street

    How To Have a Great Couple Time Together

    You can have a great couple time by doing simple things that make you happy.
    couple having a chat using conversation starters for couples

    6 Most Interesting Conversation Starters for Couples

    For when it seems you've already chatted about everything...
    art photo that ilustrates a person feeling unwanted

    How to Cope When You’re Feeling Unwanted

    When you're feeling unwanted, everything around may seem gray.
    couple in bed playing with phones

    Is Retroactive Jealousy Ruining Your Life?

    This sneaky kind of jealousy can end your relationships in a snap.
    woman on a video call

    How to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month In a Long Distance Relationship

    You can still have some great romantic time together, even when far apart.
    woman with anniversary gift

    What Does Your Anniversary Gift Say About Your Relationship?

    When it's really hard to choose, there's always THIS option.
    7 Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

    7 Signs Of An Unhappy Marriage

    Do you have a bad feeling about your marriage?