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    Stress relief techniques and tips that will help you to relax, slow down and restore that oh-so-needed energy.

    body painting as an idea on how to have fun in life

    How To Have Fun: 8 Ways To Have More Fun In Your Life

    Desperately need more fun? Joy and excitement might be just around the corner.
    holiday spirit

    How To Manage Holiday Stress: 5 Ways To Actually Enjoy Your Holidays

    You can make your holidays better, even if they usually suck for you.
    3 Ways To Battle The "Everything Irritates Me" Attitude

    3 Ways To Battle The “Everything Irritates Me” Attitude

    Okay, I admit - I don't think there's officially a thing called "everything irritates me" attitude. But.
    symbolic picture how to lift your mood

    45 Helpful Ways To Lift Your Mood + FREE Mood Tracker Printable

    For when you need that "pick me up" action.
    smelling flowers as a way to practice mindfulness on a daily basis

    10 Calming Ways To Practice Mindfulness Every Day

    Don't waste those precious moments, EXPERIENCE them.
    asian man putting in headphones to meditate

    6 Ways Daily Meditation Can Improve Your Mental Health

    Meditation will make you feel balanced, calm, and content with your life.
    woman experiencing second hand stress

    What Is Secondhand Stress & What You Can Do About It

    This sneaky type of stress can harm you, and you won't even know it.
    10 Deeply Relaxing Gifts For People With Anxiety

    10 Deeply Relaxing Gifts For People With Anxiety

    Soothing finds to make life with anxiety easier - here are the best gifts for people with anxiety (or for yourself!).
    journal for therapy at home practice

    How To Journal For Therapy At Home

    These easy journal for therapy techniques will help you to self-soothe and destress.
    woman meditating on the floor

    5 Ways Meditation Can Help You Overcome Stress In Your Life

    Meditation allows you to slow down your thinking and lets your brain disconnect.
    practicing mindfulness activities

    15 Mindfulness Activities To Try When You Feel Anxious

    Here's how to be anxious and live your life too, thanks to simple mindfulness activities you can try today.