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    Your life is happening NOW, and the present moment is the only one that really matters. Learn how to practice mindfulness in your daily life and how to be mindful to relieve anxiety, worry, and other negative emotions.

    man doing a freewriting practice

    Freewriting: The Hunt For Thoughts

    Freewriting is a mind hunt.
    person enjoying mindful moments with a cup of coffee

    7 Ways to Add More Mindful Moments to your Day

    Create mindful moments in your day to beat stress and build a happier, healthier lifestyle you love.
    woman holding a flower to be mindful

    5 Mindfulness Activities For Adults That Will Improve Your Daily Routine

    As you practice mindfulness regularly, it will become a habit and won’t feel like such a big effort. 
    upset black man doing mindfulness activities

    Calming Mindfulness Script For Anxiety + FREE Printable

    Read this to relieve anxiety and float with your feelings until they simply pass.
    smelling flowers as a way to practice mindfulness on a daily basis

    10 Calming Ways To Practice Mindfulness Every Day

    Don't waste those precious moments, EXPERIENCE them.
    practicing mindfulness activities

    15 Mindfulness Activities To Try When You Feel Anxious

    Here's how to be anxious and live your life too, thanks to simple mindfulness activities you can try today.