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    Social anxiety is a very specific type of anxiety. If you feel anxious around other people, find it hard to communicate and withstand social situations, this section is for you. Here, we’ll show you how to improve your social skills, lower anxiety levels and improve your relationships.

    happy woman proud of her assertive behavior

    Assertive Behavior: 3 Positive Ways To Become More Assertive In Your Life

    Assertive behavior can help you develop a healthier, happier relationship with yourself and the people around you.
    introvert person hiding themselves from the crowd

    How To Be More Talkative as an Introvert

    Being a talkative introvert is not necessary, but it can be essential to building strong relationships.
    woman confidence art pictures

    Self-Confidence: How to Stop Thinking About The Opinions of Others?

    Once you know how to feel confident, people around will feel it subconsciously.
    three outgoing multiethnic women having fun

    How To Be More Outgoing

    Let's get you comfortable in any social situation.
    How to Stop Feeling Socially Awkward Around People

    How to Stop Feeling Socially Awkward Around People

    It's okay - you're not the only person feeling socially awkward everywhere you go.
    art photo that ilustrates a person feeling unwanted

    How to Cope When You’re Feeling Unwanted

    When you're feeling unwanted, everything around may seem gray.
    woman with social anxiety feeling secure around here boss

    How To REALLY Overcome Social Anxiety & Feeling Insecure

    Social anxiety is scary until you find out about these things.
    How To Be Confident If You Have Social Anxiety

    How To Be Confident If You Have Social Anxiety

    I've spent a lot of time on this topic and these simple truths have changed my life.