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    very shy, sad and sensitive woman

    How To Be Less Sensitive And Navigate Life Easier

    There are times when we overreact and become more sensitive than we need to be...
    candles and pillows

    How To Set Mental Health Goals To Help Yourself Get Better

    One of the best ways to improve the quality of your life is to set easy, gentle and non-overwhelming mental health goals for yourself.
    woman experiencing atelophobia

    4 Signs You Have Atelophobia & What You Can Do About It

    Atelophobia is way more common than you imagine.
    girl enjoying peaceful life at the beach

    7 Ways To Live a Really Peaceful Life

    Let harmony and peaceful life overflow you with content.
    highly sensitive person after hard work day

    10 Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Person

    Being highly sensitive can actually be your superpower.
    asian woman with health anxiety

    6 Health Anxiety Truths I Wish I Have Realized Sooner

    Honest health anxiety tips from someone who actually gets it.
    young person holding anxiety symptoms list

    The Must-Have List Of Anxiety Symptoms + FREE Printable

    For when you're wondering whether it's anxiety or you're just dehydrated.
    inspiring words on how to be fearless in life

    How To Be Fearless In Your Life: 3 Life-Changing Things To Know

    Let go of your fears and live a brave + confident life.
    mentally strong woman

    50 Articles That Help You Build Remarkable Mental Strength

    Rebuild your mental balance with these powerful reads.
    woman facing her anxiety art photo

    Anxiety Used To Paralyze Me – Here’s What Helped Me Fix It

    A story of a real girl's fight and win against anxiety.
    anxious woman getting ready for a date

    How To Get Ready For a Date If You’re Anxious About It

    An anxious girl's guide to getting ready for a date (with minimal amount of dread).