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    Mental health articles that will help relieve anxiety, improve your mood & inspire you to move forward despite negative thoughts and life situations.

    woman sitting in a mental health friendly room

    How To Optimize Your Home For Your Mental Health

    Home really is where the heart is.
    woman wondering how to stay hopeful in difficult times

    How To Stay Hopeful In Difficult Times: 3 Things That Help Immensely

    When going through so many daily struggles, looking for sources of optimism is essential.
    man doing a freewriting practice

    Freewriting: The Hunt For Thoughts

    Freewriting is a mind hunt.
    woman holding a cup of tea

    Finding Gratitude After Surviving Trauma

    Gratitude can be incredibly helpful to the process of healing.
    scattered thoughts to calm thoughts art

    5+ Different Ways to Get Treatment for a Serious Mental Health Issue

    In this situation, seeking treatment should be the top priority.
    man hugging woman and is exhausted from being too empathetic

    How To Have Less Empathy (So You Can Take Care Of Yourself Too)

    It's not a bad thing to be kind, but over-empathy can be exhausting.
    boy with adhd hugging emotional support animal (golden retriever)

    How to Determine If My Child Needs an Emotional Support Animal?

    Emotional support animals got extra-popular lately.
    remote worker working on a laptop

    Common Mental Health Issues for Remote Workers and How to Solve Them

    Dealing with stress is a very personal thing, but there are some universal ways you can help circumvent it.
    person enjoying mindful moments with a cup of coffee

    7 Ways to Add More Mindful Moments to your Day

    Create mindful moments in your day to beat stress and build a happier, healthier lifestyle you love.
    woman enjoying mental stability and joy

    7 Helpful Ways to Improve Mental Stability

    The goal of establishing and maintaining mental stability is to improve your overall quality of life.