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    Tips for people who are thinking about a recovery process or simply choosing to live a “dry” life.

    group of friends toasting with drinks

    4 Warning Signs You Might Be Becoming Dependent on Alcohol

    If music doesn't sound as good unless it's paired with a glass... There might be a problem.
    woman's face

    Does Alcohol Change Your Face?

    For starters, it’s important to know that alcohol is a depressant.
    people sitting in recovery support group

    Addiction Recovery In A Post-Pandemic World: 3 Things To Know

    You can recover, even in this post-pandemic world. 
    foods rich in omega 3

    Why Omega 3 Can Be Beneficial In Substance Abuse Recovery

    Omega 3 is good for our hearts, and minds.
    young girl who doesn't know how to stop self-destructive behavior

    How To Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

    Self-destructive behavior is not helping, and deep inside you know it.
    addicted woman who lacks confidence

    5 Ways To Grow Your Confidence When Battling Addiction

    Addiction should not be a threat to your confidence and self-esteem...
    two sad people hugging each other in rain

    How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships

    All drug addicts need help, and depending on the depth of your relationship, you might be the most important person in their life.
    A Quick Checklist to Help You Prepare for Drug or Alcohol Rehab

    A Quick Checklist to Help You Prepare for Drug or Alcohol Rehab

    Here's exactly what you need to take to make the process smoother.
    young man having mental health and addiction problems

    7 Best Ways to Fight Mental Health and Addiction Problems

    Addiction recovery can be easier, if you know how to help yourself.
    woman helping her loved one

    How To Help Your Spouse Through Addiction Recovery

    It is vital to take action as soon as possible.
    young woman with a dual disorder

    Dual Diagnosis: The Overlap Between Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

    Addiction and mental health disorders are inextricably intertwined.
    woman trying to calm her nerves with alcohol

    How Drinking May Be Affecting Your Anxiety

    Alcohol may give you a temporary feeling of relief, but the effects are just that: temporary