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    Prevention is key when it comes to our health. It’s essential to take care of our bodies in the right way, so we can avoid getting sick or catching an illness. Taking care of your health is also one of the best ways to love yourself. Here, we’re talking about disease prevention and care. Let’s be as healthy as possible!

    woman pointing at her ear

    7 Causes of Hearing Loss – and How to Avoid or Minimize Them

    Our ears are just as important as our eyes - so let's make sure we hear well.
    person experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome

    5 Soothing Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is painful and exhausting - here's what can help you manage it.
    woman experiencing signs of vitamin d deficiency

    7 Telltale Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency + Simple Ways To Treat It

    Being deficient in Vitamin D left me exhausted, sad and even made my knee cartilage too soft (ouch!). Don't miss these signs I ignored.
    woman touching healthy legs after varicose vein treatments

    Varicose Veins Are Troubling: Here’s How to Manage and Prevent Them

    Don't let varicose veins hold you back – take control of your health today.
    man reading dental insurance papers

    5 Things to Watch Out For in a Dental Insurance Policy

    Not all health insurance policies are the same.
    woman touching her shoulder after getting a shingles vaccine

    The Importance of Getting a Shingles Vaccine: Protecting Yourself and Others

    Shingles can be passed on from one person to the other, meaning that it is contagious.

    How to Protect Your Eyes in Today’s Digital Era

    Is the digital world hurting your beautiful eyes?
    woman experiencing arthritis - one of the common causes of knee pain

    4 Common Causes of Knee Pain + What Can Help

    Never neglect this pain, as it generally worsens with time.
    touching bronchial area

    Stay Informed: Does COVID-19 Affect Lungs In The Long Term?

    For the most part, everyone is concentrating on the short-term effects, but there's more to know.
    man protecting his eyes while in LASIK recovery

    LASIK Recovery: 8 Tips For a Smooth Comeback After Laser Assisted Eye Surgery

    LASIK recovery can be quite tricky... If you are too carefree about it.
    brain illustration as a symbol of reasons to visit a neurologist

    4 Highly Important Reasons To Visit a Neurologist

    Neurologists have seen a lot of strange things, and they will always do their best to help you.