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    How to battle hair loss, grow stronger strands, and improve the growing abilities of your hair. Let’s awaken those hair follicles!

    hair brush as a symbol to combat hair loss

    How To Combat Hair Loss: 6 Science-Based Solutions For Men and Women

    We're taking a look at LLLT, peppermint oil, and other tested things that can help.
    woman using anti hair loss spray on her hair

    The Most Innovative Ways To Treat (or Hide) Hair Loss

    The hair loss industry is evolving quickly – and hair loss innovations are a thing.
    pretty middle aged woman with nice hair

    5 Ways to Have Voluminous and Gorgeous Hair in Middle Age

    Even at middle age and onwards, you still have a way to make your hair look gorgeous and full of volume.
    asian woman eating beauty foods from a bowl

    8 Beauty Foods To Eat For Great Skin, Hair & Shape

    Snack on these tasty beauty foods to look even better each day!
    young woman touching her red hair to stop hair loss

    10 Crucial Things To Do If You’re Trying To Stop Hair Loss

    Hair loss can be a challenging situation to deal with, that's for sure.
    woman with beautiful healthy long hair

    How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: 12 Rapunzel Habits To Steal!

    Make Rapunzel proud (or jealous) of your gorgeous long hair. Here's how to make your hair grow faster, better, harder, stronger.
    mesotherapy for hair loss treatment performed on young asian female

    Mesotherapy For Hair Loss – Does It Work?

    Mesotherapy is still very *hip*, and you can get it for your hairline too!
    woman talking to her boyfriend about hair transplant

    Can a Hair Transplant Save Your Boyfriend’s Hairline?

    Hair loss is a frustrating part of the aging process...