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    Our favorite beauty hacks and ideas that make beauty care more fun and easy!

    the glow up planner printable freebies by shinesheets

    FREE Glow Up Planner Printable & Glow Up Checklist

    Time to blossom? This free glow up planner printable is just what you need.
    cracking egg for an egg shampoo

    Egg Shampoo Benefits, 1-Minute Recipe And How To Use It

    Egg shampoo? What’s next - a mayo hair mask? Oh wait, that already exists...
    pretty young woman with naturally pink lips

    How To Get Pink Lips With Toothpaste and Sugar

    Pinks lips trend is on the rise since probably the beginning of our century...
    woman packing skincare for travel

    5 Genius Tips on How to Pack Skincare For Travel

    These tips will make packaging skin care for travel easier than before.
    asian woman with beautiful hooded eyes

    Hooded Eyes And 7 Makeup Tips That Make a HUGE Difference!

    Hooded eyes are beautiful, but they need just a little more practice to emphasize.
    woman holding her bright blonde hair

    How To Get Yellow Undertones Out Of Blonde Hair (Hair Color Wheel Trick)

    Say yellow, brassy, and even red undertones a sweet goodbye.
    woman with manicure made with gel nail polish

    5 Ways To Make Gel Nail Polish Last Longer

    Gel nail polish looks great on your nails... Until it chips too.
    well rested woman in balcony with flowers and coffee

    5 Quick Tricks to Look Well-Rested in the Morning

    Sometimes, you just want to look like you’ve got it all together.
    baking soda and bamboo brushes as safe teeth whitening options

    5 Effective Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

    That pearly white smile can be hiding somewhere in your kitchen.
    person holding vaseline petroleum jelly jar in hand

    15 Surprising Vaseline Uses For Beauty & Body Care

    Vaseline is not just a cheap jelly for your lips.
    woman touching deep-cleaned makeup brushes

    How To Deep Clean Even The Dirtiest Makeup Brushes

    Please don't wait until you reach a brush disaster (like I did).