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Anxiety Journal Printable

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Anxiety is so mysterious and diverse. Sometimes it’s just a subtle thought in your head going on repeat, again and again. Sometimes – a full blown anxiety attack with a bunch of anxiety symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, racing heart and a brain fog… And sometimes you may not feel your anxiety at all but have a feeling that if anything stressful happens, it will come back again.

The one thing that connects these three states is that all of them can be improved by a simple Anxiety Journal – like this one our team shares with you today.

This journal is designed to be an easy to use, pleasant and calming anti-anxiety tool. By using this journal, you can write down your anxious thoughts, challenge negative ones and become less anxious day by day.

Journaling is one of the best daily habits that help you stay calm and see anxious thoughts from another perspective. This printable anxiety journal is designed to help you overcome anxious mindset and comes with a bunch of helpful pages for mindfulness, daily thought diary practice and mood tracking.

Anxiety Journal Printable Template


How This Printable Anxiety Journal Can Be Helpful


Anxiety is uncomfortable, but it can be managed. Writing things down helps to clear your mind and let it rest. This is why a printable anxiety journal is one of the best ways to get relief when you find yourself anxious, restless or overthinking.

With this journal you can:

Improve and minimize your anxiety levels with simple journaling exercises.

○ Learn to change unhelpful thoughts and become more resilient.

○ Learn to spot your triggers and be ready to counter them.

○ Track your moods to watch your progress.

Anxiety Journal Printable

There’s a mood chart with several mood types.

Anxiety Journal Printable

A place to collect your positive dreams.

Anxiety Journal Printable

Some mindfulness exercises…

Anxiety Journal Printable

And note templates for thoughts.

Anxiety Journal Printable


How to use this journal to relieve your anxiety


  • Use thoughts page to write down any negative or persistent thoughts you have.
  • If you see unhelpful patterns in your thoughts, diffuse them using a Dysfunctional thoughts page. Write down what happened, thoughts you have and the feelings you feel. Next, intentionally try to change those thoughts to positive ones – by looking for a single positive thing about it. Example: you encountered a mean person and he/she insulted you. Positive view: now you know who you don’t want to be like in your life.
  • Use mindfulness exercise when you are still in a high-stress mode and need to come back to the present moment (tip: print a bunch of these to have on hand when needed!)
  • Track your moods in a mood chart. If you use diary daily, you can see which thoughts or events have worsened your mood.
  • Practice a little bit of gratitude every day by listing one thing you’re grateful for daily.
  • Finally, list things that trigger your anxiety and things that act like an antidote. This will be your secret suggestions sheet, advising things to avoid and things you should do more often.


Journaling is such a perfect activity for your mental health. Not only it helps you improve your anxiety levels but it’s also really soothing! It feels so good to stop running from your anxious thoughts and face them – with compassion, curiosity, and understanding.


Get Your Printable Anxiety Journal


To grab your printable anxiety journal, simply choose the size that fits your paper/printer:

Anxiety Journal Printable in US Letter

Anxiety Journal Printable in A4

*Personal use only.

Please note – if you experience very strong unpleasant emotions, we recommend talking to a professional. You deserve to feel good. You deserve help.

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