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Share what you love. Inspire people. Get paid.

Join ShineSheets Affiliate program to recommend our growth products and get commision on every sale you impact.

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How it works?

Promote ShineSheets printable products on your website, blog, social media account or simply recommend to your friends and earn money from every sale.

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Sign up to immediately access your personal dashboard and get unique links + ready to use banners associated to your account.


Promote our products to your audience or friends using your links and banners. You can also create a link to any product from our website!

Sale moment

When someone clicks your link or banner and makes a purchase, you earn a commision. You will see your progress and earnings on your personal dashboard.

Get paid

Your collected earnings are paid out on the 15-20th day of every month to your Paypal account. Plus, there is no minimum amount to get paid!

What products can You promote?

From high-quality planners to amazing Bundles - you will have a ton of products to offer your audience. Here'a a few ideas:

Or simply refer to our website and let your audience choose!

Upcoming products that you will also be able to promote and earn your commision: all new printable products, online courses, and personal development programs.

How much can you earn?

The more you promote, the bigger your earnings!

All affiliate partners start with a Basic level which gives you 30% commision on any sale you inspire. 

Example: someone buys through your link and pays 30$. You earn: 9$

Once you reach 300$ sales threshold, you get the Advanced level and 40% on any sale you inspire!

Example: someone buys through your link and pays 30$. You now earn: 12$

Good to know: all commisions must pass a 30-day fraud protection span. Therefore commisions collected on January are paid out on March and so on.

We made it user friendly.

No technical hassle for you!

Easy to use dashboard

If everything sounds difficult, we got you covered! The affiliate interface is very easy to use + you will get a lot of additional information inside.

Long cookie lifetime

Once someone clicks your unique link or banner, a cookie is saved in their browser for 2 months. It means that there is a lot of time to earn a commision from that person!

Beautiful banners

You will get professional, ready-to-use banners, Instagram and Facebook post photos and other creatives that you can right away.

Fraud protection

We took care of your and our safety to prevent any commision theft, fake orders and other fraudulent activities. Yes, these things happen!

Easy sales tracking

You will be able to generate click and referer purchase reports, see total sales and commision amount + payout history right in your dashboard.

No payout threshold

Even if you only make a few dollars, they will be paid out to your Paypal account every month. There is no need to collect any particular sum to get paid.

And just in case you need any help...

My name is Amber. I created ShineSheets to help anxious millennials become more organized, motivated and empowered. Now YOU can become a part of this growing community too! I am incredibly excited to collaborate with you. If you need any help with our affiliate program, I’m here to help. You can contact me at [email protected] or by clicking the chat bubble at the corner of the page. I will also send you useful information regularly to help you get the best results. Good luck!

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